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The Nine Worlds

Become a hero in the Norseman of legend – intrigue, combat, quests, magic and mythic creatures await...As heroes in search of adventure, glory and immortality, you will take part in great battles which will lead you from the snowy plains of Jutland to the

The game is fun and exciting. Friendly helpful staff always present to be of service. Lots to do and get involved with, as you are transported to another realm where you can completely escape into character and enjoy Viking immortality, Norse Mythology, mystical and creative adventures.
(07.12.2017, 172.73.180.--)
Dewa Niskala
This is the first game that I found that use norse pantheon as their theme. Really an inovative games, but still need more development..I love this game and enjoy to play it..keep the spirit guys!!
(14.10.2017, 8.37.225.--)
Fun game lots to do,even though its still in development there are plenty playing. Im intrigued on what these people are going to come up with next.The players are friendly always staff on-line I love the game
(12.09.2016, 176.26.231.--)
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