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New Yob City

NEW OWNERS, NEW DOMAIN!!!!! New Yob City, is a mafia-themed browser game, previously known as Yob City the game is under new management. Compete Missions, Operations, Compete in the Blood Bath. Improvements are made frequently, and the game is evolving an

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MAJORITY owners? Look at all this bullsh*t ur spinning. You were being "PAID" 50% of the profits while you were running shit as I was away... You didn't own shit. If anyone would like the evidence to show all the wrongdoings (Including account feeding thats currently going on at EW & NYC Then get in contact with me over at anotherasylum :)
(20.06.2018, 92.40.248.--)
I’ve been a player at New Yob City for about a month and a half. A lot of these games lose my interest after just a few days, but this works for me. There’s plenty of features to keep you occupied. leveling is fun and easy, and there’s speed training which is a huge plus for me in this type of game. And then there’s the staff… I wasn’t around during the Mike era, so I can’t say much about that. But Sanity and Nuker have a good think going here. And there’s the rest of the staff (Apollymi, Precious, Shiloh and Psycho) who make sure everything keeps running smooth and helps keep everything fun and interesting. And there’s the side benefit of being partners with (the finest in internet radio), giving you some good tunes to enjoy while you play. So all-in-all, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better gaming experience.
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THE Owner
Let's try that one again, Bobby. I am the owner along with my partner of NYC. The OLD owner of the broke ass YC WAS indeed Micheal Braden. Whoever this Josh O'Bryant is, is most definitely not the owner.

Things are still changing and growing.Things are getting fixed and the game is evolving. The old broken shit is out and it's a new life here.
(11.03.2018, 174.193.136.--)
Not Michael Braden owner is Josh O'Bryant I have talked to him and video chatted. Get your facts straight. Thanks
(05.03.2018, 76.7.196.--)
YC has been broken since July of 2017.It is dead and long gone The coder YOU allowed, please get your facts straight son. As majority owners at 55% we made a decision, AFTER you had to be reminded constantly to pay the server,you allowed the domain to lapse along with the server.Multiple attempts were made to contact you about hack attempts and not a word.The decision to save the members from being screwed over by you had to be made after you made off with 40K + of their money.

The script that reportedly was stolen, i ask why would someone steal a broken, screwed up and half-assed script? In fact The script in question was something Micheal Braden had hacked from 8 other games along with the stolen header for one of his current games mean streets mafia.The script was not yours in the first place and if you had done some research the same script can and has been found on the web.

Micheal Braden, you sir are more than welcome to try and sue the MAJORITY owners that took over and punted your useless ass to the curb. I'm sure someone ,somewhere would love to dive into how much you've stolen from other games as well as what you've cheated and scammed from people with your padding of accounts,fake accounts and accounts that were funded by you to bring in more money and people, allowing you to try and sell a game,domain and user base that was was completely false.

Legal recourse could also be heading your way for the hack attempts on New Yob City.Be cautious what you pursue Micheal, it may open you up to be exposed once and for all the fraud and scam artist you truly are.
(03.02.2018, 174.194.27.--)
Game was completely stolen from me by the graphics designer known at Smokey, along side his coder I allowed him to have, they deleted the script and copied it directly over to their hosting and website and delete

They do not own these codes and legal action will be persued in the near future for which I can guarantee you’ll pay every penny earned back... happy gaming - YC owner
(10.01.2018, 154.57.236.--)
So I've been seeing all these Poor, Poor Reviews mostly because of Micheal Branden. And i am 100% behind he was a sorry piece of shit actually more maggot level. Hell I left the game for 9 months.

About a month & a half ago I got word he was bought out back in June or July so this is no longer a Micheal Branden game. The guys who have taken over have done more since I logged back in then was done in the months I was there on the old owner.

They know what they are doing, they are adding where things need to be and totaling chucking and revamping. They have also changed the name it's no longer Yob City but instead it's the New Yob City, and it is. The domain was also changed to recently to finish the relaunch.

It's better then what it was before, If you are staff you actually have tools to do your job. If you are a player right now we are in the middle of 25 days of giveaway prizes. I encourage everyone who played before to at least come back and look around. Log in between the domain's remain the same but everything else it's a whole new game.
(21.12.2017, 47.186.29.--)
10/10, very active Admin and some pretty cool people! Ignore all the previous reviews, they're just butthurt they didn't get staff positions.
(01.08.2016, 14.2.15.--)
Do not sign up for this game unless you have a lot of money to spend...This game plays favourites and is being used strictly for profit-if you dont spend money on here you wont get anywhere in the game so dont bother...
(01.08.2016, 216.96.114.--)
Great game leave michael braden wine he was a kid he is now an adult and he runs his game very well and also had plenty of active players to prove it
(17.05.2016, 66.87.82.--)
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