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Immortal Day - Vampire MPOG

Immortal Day is a vampire browser based game that is full of action, no matter how much experience you have. Take on the role of a variety of species, ensuring that you have the powers you need to beat each level and come out a winner in the end.

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Phil Britain
My issues with the owner and administrators of Immortal Day (as described in my post below) have been resolved to my satisfaction.
(06.09.2014, 68.99.150.--)
A game that is almost as bad as the people who run it. Not worth the time signing up
(02.09.2014, 64.187.236.--)
Having played both Immortal Day and Immortal Night I can say the being a donator does not cost anymore on one than the other they are just set up differently. Donators, of course, get perks, but there is an economy allowing you to earn money and advance as much as you want. It's about what you want out of the game and what you put into it. The people are a wild mixture, as in anywhere you would go. This game allows you so many choices, and has such a fun atmosphere I can't stay away.
(22.07.2014, 86.147.239.--)
I really love this game. I have played their games for over 4 years and when I saw they had created Immortal Day, I decided to give it a try. I am hooked on it jus as I am the other game they have out. If your thing is role playing, you can live in a world as a Vampire, a Lycan, or a Hunter. Or you can feed the thrill of becoming the best player in the game. Really it all depends on what you want out of your game time. There are "creatures" there from all over the world. I have made a few friends that I really enjoy talking to while I am there. Anytime I have had any questions or concerns I have been treated with respect by the Immortal Day staff.
(19.07.2014, 24.159.69.--)
Miss Zom [798]
ImmortalDay has a great player community and a wonderful atmosphere ive been playing this game in particular since it started and i enjoy playing the game i would recommend thouse who are interested to take the time to join and see what its all about and the admins are very professional and fair you wont find any other game as fun as this one
(18.07.2014, 75.75.134.--)
I love playing Immortal Day as well as playing Immortal Night, These games are a good mix of fantasy and life in general:)I think they are both run very well and fairly, Its simple to follow rules which are clearly defined and if you do have a question its always easy to message and get an explanation for whatever you may need!!! Love both games and will continue to play them!!!!
(18.07.2014, 69.146.87.--)
I have played several of T&Z Gaming, LLC games. Of them all Immortal Day is my favorite. Finding Immortal Day was like taking all of the things l loves in Immortal Night (which l began playing about two months after it started) and improving them. There is enough differences that it is NOT just the same as IN under a slightly different name. I am drawn more to the. Vampire/Lycan genre but jumper at the chance to play a Hunter.

I have read a few unfair comments here from former players who were banned. First, because of a difference in purchasing game perks I compared the two games. If you want to be a Donator it does not cost any more than IN or comparable T&Z games. But it is not necessary to be a Donator to be competitive with Donators. Second, I have had reasons to talk to the admins in all their games that l have played. This is what l have found: if l am polite and courteous they are in return polite and courteous. However, if l am rude l get the same in return. They are not there for anyone to verbally abuse. Even in the instance l was rude they were still willing to work with me so that l could be unbanned and continue to play.

Bottom line for me, l think all of their games are awesome. For me, because of genre Immortal Day is the best of them all. And the people that run the games are fair and equitable in the way they run their business. Give it a try and decide for yourself. That is the best way.
(17.07.2014, 72.54.92.--)
Immortal Day is a great game. I personally find it more fun than Immortal Night. Unlike IN's two species (vampires/lycans) ID offers us the chance to explore as several other species as well. Though very similar to IN, ID does a better job at incorporating the lower levels into the game. No matter your level or rank there's something you can do to help you increase your game standings. The achievement incentives that are offered when certain things are achieved encourage more game play. Being a donator always makes things, like training, easier, but ID does a great job of making the playing field very well balanced. Donators do have the upper hand, but non-donators aren't far behind.
I would recommend Immortal Day to everyone. Some of the rules are harsh and it takes some reading to get used to and know how the game is run. Admins and Moderators are very active in the game and do beyond their best to help when a question or a problem is presented. The large interactive community makes the game play unique. Go try it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed. ;)
(17.07.2014, 166.182.3.--)
I have really enjoyed my experience playing Immortal Day. I would recommend it.
(08.07.2014, 204.45.25.--)
I love this game as well as immortal night its a good mix between reality and fiction but it is more of a see the words imagine the setting and what exactly happens which i like since i love reading adn setting everything not given to me up.
(19.06.2014, 174.30.163.--)
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