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Ultima Online - The Second Age

We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a shard with players and staff that are unmatched in their dedication to the purity of the T2A era. 400+ online.

Great T2A memories brought back to life, many good times still to had.
(08.10.2015, 72.227.64.--)
This is a great shard with a large, friendly and diverse community (not to mention a dedicated and professional staff). A terrific place for people looking to enjoy crafting, adventure or simply being immersed in the amazing world that is Ultima Online. Give this shard a try and you will quickly understand what it means to be part of a true MMORPG with endless role-playing possibilities.
(03.08.2011, 174.89.49.--)
Excellent staff, incredible gameplay. They are dedicated to reproducing the mechanics and balance of the T2A era, which gives them a great deal of integrity in dealing with the usual Loud-Mouthed Minority. Because of this integrity, you can actually play any of the character types that were usable in T2A, AND play your character from the ground up rather than just macroing for a few days to get to GM. (That's a big part of the gameplay experience that so many other shards throw away!)

If you want to know what made UO great, come play UO Second Age!
(06.02.2010, 74.225.61.--)
This is the best player run shard I've ever played because it represents the best mechanics and era of UO. Has a great community, staff and fun events and player-run fun!

PVP is good here, beats any other server as far as t2a accuracy. Lots of players too.

= )
(13.01.2010, 72.177.41.--)
Mike MRev
They have doen a great job making this server just like it was in The Second Age era. Amazing job.
(10.12.2009, 67.171.68.--)
This shard is the most era accurate shard I have ever encountered. The staff seem to be on the same page that OSI was during the second age. I would bet money that those who didnt think this shard was for them, never really truly played the second age era. I have found my UO home Thanks Second Age!
(29.09.2009, 97.77.191.--)
After testing this shard for fifty hours, here is my official review on this shard.

I find that this shard's direction is too linear; and it does not seem to leave very much room for exploration, as many areas are unfinished. This shard seems to focus around one type of area too much. Another thing I've noticed is that the combat is just a matter of attacking and no real skill is involved against the Artificial Intelligence.

While the shard may seem fascinating at first, it becomes very tedious. Oh, well. Moving on.
(21.09.2009, 62.193.236.--)
I just started playing this Shard a few days ago after trying out four others. The realism of this shard is exactly the experience that I was looking for. The authenticity is truly remarkable. Every little bit of advancement is truly rewarding like it was back in the day. I highly recommend this shard!
(19.09.2009, 15.203.233.--)
Pete K
For those who enjoyed or missed the glory of UO:T2A, this is that world recreated to near perfection.

Reminiscing the old days of the very first MMORPG I found myself with a sudden desire to recapture the enjoyment I experienced on the OSI shards in the late 90's. I scoured the internet in hopes I would find another free server like the one I played during 2002-2003.

Coming across this site convinced me I had found what I was searching for. I have now been actively playing again for nearly two months and it feels just like over a decade ago when T2A first came out.

I have personally in game talked to many new players and they seem to be greeted with warm reception. This world is as harsh and unforgiving as it was at its conception but you won't be disappointed if you're looking to play UO the way it was during The Second Age.
(18.09.2009, 66.61.116.--)
UOSA brings back the old UO that I grew up with and loved. I've played/tested all the popular MMORPGs from 98' till now and they all lacked the challenge that UO brought. The MMORPGs of today are for little kids who don't like to lose. If you want a game with realistic rules, UOSA is as close as it gets.
(24.08.2009, 173.172.229.--)
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