Links to various multiplayer online games as ranked by players. Many paid and free servers - MMORPG & MPOG

382 Sokker Manager 2 0

Sokker Manager

Bored with the football reality? Do you think you are capable of running a team better than the league managers. Join us, set up your own team, face other managers and prove you are the best!

384 Karate Sim Online 3 0

Karate Sim Online

Karate Sim Online is a simulation game that allows players to create their own virtual martial artists to compete with other players all over the world. Train yourself at your dojo to compete with other martial artists in leagues and cups and climb to the

385 Irongoal 1 0


Irongoal is free online game where you get to lead a virtual soccer team to a glory, in competition with other participants from all over the world.

386 Zoo Ninja 2 0

Zoo Ninja

New Text MMORPG with different races, skills, amulets and Fun

387 Tales of Knights 2 0

Tales of Knights

It's time for you to start your own story and have your name remembered in history books.

388 Contracted Assassin 5 0

Contracted Assassin

Contracted Assassin is a free browser based text MMORPG. You join as you are looking for a new way in life, something more challenging... You join a firm of Hitmen and it is down to you to gain your reputation for work. Can you train up and become the

389 ILLRPG.COM - Lands of Illithia - Angels vs Demons! 2 0

ILLRPG.COM - Lands of Illithia - Angels vs Demons!

A True browser based game that can be played on any browser, anywhere! the game theme is Angels vs Demons!

391 Butller Rose Online 5 0

Butller Rose Online

The Aller Best Evo Client style server out there. Rates 400x EXP 300x Drop 400x ZullY Nice User commands, ferry Good Community , Cool custom Items and Events, Play the adventure now ! Online since 16.01.2009

392 The Realms of Erylith! 2 0

The Realms of Erylith!

New game. Uoand coming. Updated daily . Millions of levels . Hundreds of monsters . Great community. Free to play .... ect... add in what you feel fits well to draw others here

395 Mafia Mofo! 3 0

Mafia Mofo!

Train to get better stats, gamble to make money, grow crops to make money, do crimes to advance levels, and join a Gang to overpower rival gangs. More Info:

396 CreepSmash - Multiplayer Tower Defense 3 0

CreepSmash - Multiplayer Tower Defense

CreepSmash is a java based online Multiplayer Tower Defense. Another taste of TD ;-) Send to all friends and start playing! Tutorial needed? read the review for video tutorial or search on YouTube

397 - MMORPG Text-based Mafia game 3 0 - MMORPG Text-based Mafia game is a MMORPG Text-based Mafia game. Its theme originates in South Italy around Year 1990.

398 Jurassic RPG 2 0

Jurassic RPG

The Jurassic Animal Sanctuary has been built to study and preserve some very unique animals. Inside this sanctuary there are eleven reserves that help us to study these animals. The reserves are also designed with protection in mind. While inside a reserv

399 Jottonia 3 0


Jottonia is a massively multiplayer nation simulation based around stock trading and related businesses. Most players try to make money through the trading of shares.

400 Tomb Treasure 1 0

Tomb Treasure

Tomb Treasure is a free persistent browser based game (PBBG) that allows players to enter and navigate a tomb, fight its inhabitants for their riches and remove the collected treasure for points in a battle to be the richest player by the end of the game.

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