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1 Rx.NET Lineage II 6 96

Rx.NET Lineage II

Freya Hi5 // Cooperative Gameplay // Dynamic Low Rates (1x approx.) // Keeping old-school L2 gameplay alive since 2008!


2 [HSR] Herederos Sin Reinos 30 49

[HSR] Herederos Sin Reinos

Servidor High Five traducido en castellano. Únete a nuestra gran comunidad y sumérgete en la gran aventura del Lineage II. Rate XP = x10 | Rate SP = x10 | Rate Drop = x10 | Rate Spoil = x10 | Rate Party = x20 | Rate Quest = x20


4 Lineage 2 Drop and Spoil Calculator 37 17

Lineage 2 Drop and Spoil Calculator

Lineage 2 Items Full Database C4/Interlude/Kamael/Hellbound/Gracia. Armors, Weapons, Monsters, Raid Bosses, Mats, Recipes, etc.


5 Lineage 2 Wanda 5 10

Lineage 2 Wanda

Opened: 1st July | 1x Rates (2x Adena) | The True Lineage 2 Experience of how it used to be | Low rate to enjoy everything lineage 2 has to offer | New & Active Community | Join now and get a head start above everyone else! | English Speaking | Active De


6 L2 Arion High Five 5 4

L2 Arion High Five

L2Arion is a mid rate(x15) High Five server. We have a lot of events and we are constantly working to add new features to make your gameplay interesting. Everything pretty much works with the community board, a nice and interesting panel for all


7 Lineage.PMfun.com 5 2


Lineage 2 Items Database Drop Calculator C4/Interlude/Kamael/Hellbound/Gracia - Weapons, SA, Augment, Armors, Sets, Dyes/Tattoos, Skills, Clan, Buffs, Recipes, NPC/Monsters, Raid Bosses, Quests, Maps, Keys/Commands, Fishing, Manor, Soul Crystals, 7 Signs,


8 Lineage II FunFactory 0 0

Lineage II FunFactory NEW

#Best Geodata #Retail Gameplay #Best Hardware #Best Antibotsystem #24/7 Active Staff #No GM-Shop #No Custom Buffer #No Class Changer Exp/Sp: 10x Adena : 10x Raiddrops: 2x Epicraiddrops: 1x Spoilrates: 10x chance Sealstones: 8x Quest Adena


9 Horyu Lineage 2 Private Server 0 0

Horyu Lineage 2 Private Server NEW

Interlude L2OFF 7x 100% balanceado Grande estrutura e suporte para muitos jogadores! Server Low Rate Safe +3 max +6 Melhor Servidor de L2, Rates 7x, Servidor BR, Link Fibra Ótica - Lag Zero, NOVA ADMINISTRAÇÃO, 1200+ PLAYERS ONLINE, LOW RATE.


10 L][Everyday.net 4 0


We have the best staff around, helpful & really experienced. You can easily get in contact with our staff,they are always active! $ Win real cash money every sunday $ (The remaining donation money).


11 Lineage II MMOPLAY - Index 3 0

Lineage II MMOPLAY - Index

Unbelievable High Five Experience * No Lag * User Friendly GM's * Expert Staff * Balanced Join us, we are currently running an event win real prizes!


12 4 0


We are The idea too old to be changed, too powerful to be tained We are Revolution that has to be Won We are the idea that just been Reborn The story that has just Begun The 20x mid rate, Retail L2OFF High Five, Lag Free, Fully Balanced, No bugs, 99,9% up


13 L2 Toxico 2 0

L2 Toxico

servidor freya argentino sin sub acu Rates xp100 sp100 adena100 en partyx3


15 L2 Show Games Interlude PVP SERVER 6 0

L2 Show Games Interlude PVP SERVER

L2 Sho Games jogos INTERLUDE / Gracia Final / Freya / High FiveInterlude 500X] [500x Gracia Final] [Freya 500x] [High Five 500X Evento TVT] [CTF] [Bless 100% PVP 24 Horas Servidor Mais Jogado do Brasil So Falta voce 600 + ONCategoria: Interlude


16 http://l2arcane.com/ 3 0


[center][center][color=red][b]L2Arcane The New Future Project[/b][/color] Basic principle of the server "L2Arcane" is to bring back the good old times of Lineage II. If you are bored playing by the superfluous animations and destroyed gameplay, you wil


17 L2 Arcane 3 0

L2 Arcane

[center][center][color=red][b]L2Arcane The New Future Project[/b][/color] Basic principle of the server "L2Arcane" is to bring back the good old times of Lineage II. If you are bored playing by the superfluous animations and destroyed gameplay, you wil


18 www.l2boyd.eu H5 x1000 3 0

www.l2boyd.eu H5 x1000

Dear Players! The staff behind L2 Boyd works hard to provide you with one of the best private L2 experience. We are proud to present you our gameserver the staff has been working on for a long time: Focused on high rate PvP. Find out more about L2Boyd


19 SkyDream-Game Lineage 2 (interlude X100|x100|x100) 4 0

SkyDream-Game Lineage 2 (interlude X100|x100|x100)

SkyDream-Game Lineage 2 (interlude X100|x100|x100)*custom* Full Godess Mods+Monsters|Wings|Tattoos|Armors|Weapons| TVT|CTF|DM|PVP|FARM Rang,vip,Donater,premium,Vote Systems


20 Lineage II Goddess of Destruction HQ 5 0

Lineage II Goddess of Destruction HQ

Lineage II Goddess of Destruction, Full Game and Patches, PvP Full Private Server, Customizable items. No lag. Exp:X400, Drop: X400. Many Players online!!! Join Now! It's free!


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