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102 Legend Of Mir 3 Eternity 2010/2011 7 0

Legend Of Mir 3 Eternity 2010/2011

Servidor Totalmente Español Exp x4 Drop x1 Gold x2 Respawn x2 Solo 1 GM pendiente dia a dia del servidor y se sus players.. Cambiando cosas dia a dia para mejorar dicho servidor y que los players se encuentren agusto en este gran servidor.


105 Aion Spb Server 8 0

Aion Spb Server

First midreytovy server in runet! Rates of x3 - for all, the most recent and frequent updates. The project is based on a purely voluntary initiative, we are not looking for financial gain, we simply work for themselves and those who are really interesting


106 Aion Brasil Server 4 0

Aion Brasil Server

Xp 10x, Drop 5x. Support 1.9, Level 55, Itens 55, Summons 55 . All quests , PVP , All Instances [ON] !


107 Gamez AION 8 0

Gamez AION

Exp 200x Drop 75x Kinah 100x, All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, PvP Server , Long Term, Free Fly, Skill Auto Learn, Working Skills, All Quests, NPC, MOBS


108 AIONSPB free PVP server x1000 !!! 11 0

AIONSPB free PVP server x1000 !!!

Russian server. Full support 1.9 ver. Growing community, friendly English speaking administration , pvp-events at least 3 times a week, free fly everywhere, GM shop, working abyss skills!


109 Soul Aion 6 0

Soul Aion

AION FREE SERVER CZ/SK * Spolehlivé zázemí a kvalita serveru se zkušeným týmem * Ochota stále pomáhat hráčům (toto dost free Cz/Sk serverů postrádá) * O zábavu ve hře bude postaráno - časté mikro/RPG Eventy * Časté updaty se


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