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61 Ultima Online Gold 3 0

Ultima Online Gold

Ultima Online Gold and UO Artifacts at Dragongrove


62 Dark Prophecy Last Chapter 4 0

Dark Prophecy Last Chapter

Serveur Role-Play, Français et Québecois, Tournant sous RunUo avec une équipe à l'écoute des joueurs. Le tout comprenant 5 races et un système de classe unique. Suite officielle de Dark Prophecy ouvert en mai 2002. Nouveaux Joueurs, Bienvenus!


63 Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard 2 0

Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard

German Ultima Online Freeshard - good roleplay , friendly staff , excellent scripts and balanced gameplay


64 UnrealUO 7 0


Classic pre-UO:R shard with most of the features of 1999 era Ultima Online accurately recreated.


65 The Darkside Shard (TDS) 4 0

The Darkside Shard (TDS)

The Darkside Shard has been active for 14+ Years.We offer a Custom map and file package.Modern-Style MMORPG.3 Game play styles.New Abyss area within Our World.Runewords socket system.Tons of Unique items and craftables.Check tdsuo.com for more details!!


66 Destiny Reforged 5 0

Destiny Reforged

Destiny Reforged is a custom RunUO shard. We offer the freedom to become the character you want to be, with friendly staff and players, quests, custom items, up to date UO Experience!


67 Insurrection 16 0


custom champs and more come and see for yourself!


68 Uo Quebec - Shard Entièrement Francais! 1 0

Uo Quebec - Shard Entièrement Francais!

Shard ultima online Francophone/quebecois, pvp et pvm, pk. Très complet dans un univers fantastique.


69 Age of Virtues 2 0

Age of Virtues

Pro hosted, Friendly playerbase, PvP/PvM, SE, ML Rare and Powerful Mounts/Pets, No Skill Cap, Custom Champs/Quests


70 Howling Moon 2 0

Howling Moon

Friendly staff, new and upgraded crafting systems, evos and much much more.


71 Khaeros 4 0


A fully customised hardcore roleplaying shard, low fantasy, gritty world, a classless feat tree system and fully custom combat system, map and artwork. Come see what UO roleplay can be at its best, with a fair staff and collaborative playerbase.


72 New Jersey Shard 5 0

New Jersey Shard

Great family shard. PVP'ers welcome, merchants, solo players.


73 Immortal Myths UO Freeshard! 10 0

Immortal Myths UO Freeshard!

~Adult Only RP & PVP~ Customs GALORE! A crafters paradise a questers dream! Custom wearables, deco and quest like you never seen before!! 2 Chars 3 houses per account. See our Website for more info!! 3 years old.


74 Zuluhotel World 3 0

Zuluhotel World

* There are 6 levels to a class. Each level requires a certain amount of points distributed over the class skills. As well as having the correct number of points, you must also have a certain % of your skills in that class group.


75 Ultima Online - The Second Age 3 0

Ultima Online - The Second Age

We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a shard with players and staff that are unmatched in their dedication to the purity of the T2A era. 400+ online.


76 Arcade Games 4 0

Arcade Games

The newest site where you can play many interesting free online games.


77 Online Craps 2 0

Online Craps

There’s Craps, and then there’s Online Craps. Why settle for less than the best? CasinoMaze.com is your one-stop solution to the finest Craps action online.


79 Mannatech, Buy Mannatech, Mannatech products, Mannatech product & Mannapages. 3 0

Mannatech, Buy Mannatech, Mannatech products, Mannatech product & Mannapages.

Buy Mannatech Inc product at Mannapages. Buy Mannatech products on Mannapages. Buy Mannatech product from Mannapages. Buy Mannatech Inc products


80 Althahyr 4 0


Bienvenue sur althahyr, shard gratuit et francophone adapt


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