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41 Shard Atlantis 8 0

Shard Atlantis

* Running on top hardware and fast connection. * No Trammel * Factions * Fast skill/stat gain


42 Knights of The Round Table 8 0

Knights of The Round Table

We are using the newest svn with ml. We have townhouse yards, custom quests and pets. One account per ip, three houses pet account. We are an English speaking shard.


43 Ethereal Realms Ultima Online Free Shard 7 0

Ethereal Realms Ultima Online Free Shard

Custom Shard with Massive Monsters, Fun Players, Skill Bonus Clothing, Spellcrafting, Monster Hunters, Auctions, Vendor Mall PaintBall Events, No total Skill cap, Champ Spawns, Crafting, and more!


44 EUO 8 0


MMORPG based off of Ultima series


45 UO Roleplay 7 0

UO Roleplay

Friendly players & professional staff. PvP, PvM, and RP, Dedicated Server, Quests. Custom World, Crafting, Maps, Monsters, Items! A world like none other! Join us!!!


46 LegacyUO 7 0


Osi ML Clone. We just removed the things that ruined osi and keept all the good parts. So no insurance, no ethereal mounts, no multiple faccets or trammel rules, while adding all dungeons from all faccets.


47 TheGospelofJESUSChrist 9 0


And He said unto them,Go you into all the world,and preach the gospel to every creature.


48 Top 40 Ultima Online (UO) Websites 8 0

Top 40 Ultima Online (UO) Websites

... Searchable A-Z Ultima Online (UO) Link/Web Directory Listings! Get yours; Get listed...


49 KWK's Shard 9 0

KWK's Shard

KWK's shard offers fast gains, higher stats, skill caps, daily backups, fun staff, custom quests and much more.


50 Dark Crusaders 10 0

Dark Crusaders

Unique SE/ML shard with PvP and PvM. Skill gates & starting armor, guildtowns, casino, arenas, custom creatures & items, Kid Zone. Skills work up to 135 w/ps & 350 stat cap, 1 acc/ip & 3 houses. More added all the time. Where the Darkness may engulf you.


51 The Best 8 0

The Best

A New Promissing Custom Russian UO Shard. Unique Scripts, Locations, Dungeons, Bosses, Skills, Artifacts; Advanced System of Quests; Helpful and Friendly Staff; Cities under Siege, Naval Battles, Uruk-hai and Much More! PVM/PVP/Adventures/Risk/Fun. The


52 Resurrection UO 11 0

Resurrection UO

Australian Shard based on the T2A era. PVP PVM and RP welcome. Global Chat System. 700 skill cap 225 stat cap with Pre cast & insta hit. Champion Spawns


53 UO Origins 8 0

UO Origins

The ONLY Pre-T2A Shard! Come join us on UO: Origins and experience what gave Ultima Online it's name in gaming history. Are You With Us?


54 Mandred 11 0


A unique, free UO shard loosely based on the pre-AOS era. While we do have Renaissance features, the only facet we use is Felucca.


56 LeonRo 8 0


Servidor Mexicano lvl 300/150 Rates 2000x 2000x 100% y 70% MVP cards , Buffer, Mercado, MvP room, Gold Room Custom, Pvp Room Custom, Anunciador, Dr Loco, Ranking, Bloody Branch Seller, y mucho mas Unete YA!! Join NOW!!!


57 UO Featherstone 9 0

UO Featherstone

Featherstone is shard geared for adventurers. Player city on Magincia island. Increased skill/stat gains, lower custom housing prices, rare magical/movable treasure chests, evolved town critters, monthly veteran rewards. Heartwood and quests.


58 Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA 11 0

Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA

ML/SA Custom server. 10+ years.Adventurers dream and Crafters paradise.Custom quests/creatures/crafts/pets.No UBER. 250 Stats/900 Skills[940 w/Vet Rewards]OPEN ACCOUNT CREATION! Tons of unique additions!


59 Buy UO Gold 9 0

Buy UO Gold

Buy UO Gold - Win free Ultima Online Gold. UO Gold - Buy Ultima Online Gold & Items - Free UO Gold - Search UO.


60 Ultima Online Gold 7 0

Ultima Online Gold

Ultima Online Gold and UO Artifacts at Dragongrove


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