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1 epicRO (5x 5x 5x) - Deutscher Server 30 230

epicRO (5x 5x 5x) - Deutscher Server

Größter deutscher privater RO Server; sowohl WoE SE, als auch WoE FE; keine 3rd Classes; eigenes Wiki; tägliche newbiefreundliche Mini Events; viele deutsche NPCs; zahlreiche Quests für jeden Levelbereich; tägliche Exp Scroll Quest; doppelte Monsterzahlen


2 OriginsRO 4 9


OriginsRO strives to look as much as possible like the official servers, without unbalancing custom features. Since we dislike many of the changes that came with Renewal system, we'll be following the developments of the Classic iRO server, starting from


3 HQ Ragnarok II Open Server 2014 5 4

HQ Ragnarok II Open Server 2014

Friendly Community, Rates: 150x/150x/50x , Max Levels: 255/120, Max Stat: 200, WoE & PvP Madness, No Lag, No Bugs, Daily Events, Active GM's, Custom NPC's & Items, Dedicated Teams, Goldrooms, MvP Arenas, Starter Kits + Much More!


4 HiraniRO 8 0


HiraniRO Special Features: Special Master Login System + Master Storage Rates: 5x/5x/5x (Boss Monster Drop Rate 1x & Boss Monster Card Drop rate 1x) Rates: Achievements 5x Quests 5x Pre-Renewal Max Level: 99/70 Max Stats: 99


5 EndlessRO 5 0


PRE RE 10/10/10 , Faction , Mining , Multilanguage, Achievement System , Custom Maps and Events , and much more


6 Roguard Online 3 0

Roguard Online

(Low Ep13.2 preRenewal) 8/8/2 - (Classic Ep9.0 noAdv) 1/1/1 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - EU-Hosted - No Wipes - Kamishi-Colorpack - Custom Warp Quest - Vote for Points - Client/Server-Protection - DDos-Protection - Live Support - Automated Events - Real Cu


7 Instinct Ragnarok Online 1 0

Instinct Ragnarok Online

Servidor full RenewalRates 500x/500x/500x dedicado a full woe


8 Existence Ragnarok Online 1 0

Existence Ragnarok Online

20x20x10 If your bored with normal RO and looking for something new PvP might be just the thing to freshing up the game and this server is right for you. It features a lag free server with a customized Pking system. No godly donation's and way's to obtain


10 3RD RO 3 0


12x/12x/7x Rates, 3rd jobs working (489 palettes). Nonhax donation items. Healer, Warper, Resetter, Uncarder, Platinum skill npcs. Easy automatic donation system and Vote4Points active! Increasing community, friendly GM's, weekly events.


11 Secret dreams Ro 2 0

Secret dreams Ro

Secretdreams Ro Nuevo servidor ragnarok high rates: 8k/9k/30k Custom itemsMax Lv.255/120| Max Stats 255 | Staff Comands @warp,@go,@storage,@lvup,@jlvl@rates,@mi,@save,@load ect..


12 Zeta RO 1 0

Zeta RO

3rd jobs(prototype), PK server, 24/7 uptime, Anti-Hacks,Daily events, Balanced custom items & NPCs, Kind GMs, Stable economy, Join us now!


13 Oldschool-RO 2 0


Fresh and Brand New Server, High Rate Server: 8k/8k/80x Rates, Blvl/Jlvl: 255/70 | 255/100, Custom Commands/Npc/Quest, WoE/Pvp


14 Lumina Realms 5 0

Lumina Realms

MR & HR(50/50/25 & 10k/10k/5k), Custom drops, quests & maps. Anti Bot/WpE/Hack, Pro Staff, Unique Features, 800+players, Updated & mor


16 RebirthRO.com 4 0


WoE 2.0 • Anti-KS • Fully Updated • Free Pokemon Pets • Official • Battlegrounds • Endless Tower • 24/7 WoE


17 DreamerRO Network [2 Greatest Servers] Dreamer Ro 3 0

DreamerRO Network [2 Greatest Servers] Dreamer Ro

[HR: 8k/8k/3k. MaxLv. 500/120. With 3rd Jobs! Over 1k Online ] & [LR: 8/8/8 MaxLvl 99/70 NO 3rd Jobs! Opened July 21st] Best Servers Around!


18 Lumina RO 2 0

Lumina RO

MR (50/50/25 - lvl 99/70) / HR (3k/3k/100 - lvl 255/120) Pro Staff. Auto backups. GM events twice a day. Battlegrounds 2.0. Custom mob drops. Anti wpe/rpe/bot software. 700+ Players. Guild Transfer. Mini games. -UNIQUE mining system & WoE ranks- and so mu


19 ColombianRO 3 0


Servidor Colombiano - Latino de Ragnarok, Rates 250x/150x/1%, sin customs items, Hats de donacion al alcance de todos! Zoologico Nunca antes visto! Que esperas? Unete a la comunidad Colombiana mas grande y divertida del Ro! y recuerda... Todo Pasa en Colo


20 Tales of Ragnarok 1 0

Tales of Ragnarok

Apertura 1 Junio 2010 3er Jobs 90% terminados. Base lvl 500/200 3er Jobs 300/150. Mercado, eventos automaticos, Woes, nuevos mapas, mobs, gold room. Chaos Prontera, Rankings, pts por votacion y mucho mas.


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