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641 E-Sim-- India Needs You 3 0

E-Sim-- India Needs You

For those who have never played an online browser world sim: you sign up and pick a country, than proceed to work, train, fight each day. At it's core it is as simple as that. Where it gets fun is the politics, the running companies, running mercenary mil


642 Sseratus.pl Wotlk HighRate x20 Woltk 3.3.5a 6 0

Sseratus.pl Wotlk HighRate x20 Woltk 3.3.5a

Specification of Realmist: Server Type: HightRate Exp kill rate: 20x Exp quest rate: 20x Exp exploration rate: 3x Gold rate: 6x Drop rate: 10x Reputation rate: 10x Honor rate: 6x Profesion rate: 10x


643 Demonic-WoW 2.4.3 TBC 4 0

Demonic-WoW 2.4.3 TBC

Demonic-wow 243 Blizzlike/Funserver Blizzlike : [15x xp 20x Quest,18x Drop,15x rep, 20x Gold,2x honor,1x arena] [Scripted Content (Chess Event work)][PVP and arena Titles][Regular Updates][Dedicated Gm team/Developers] Funserver: [Istant 70] ,[Free S1,2,3


644 Play free popular MMO& RPG browser games on AMZGame.com 1 0

Play free popular MMO& RPG browser games on AMZGame.com

AMZGame is an online platform to publish new and high quality free browser games.Join us now and play anywhere, anytime without download or install!


645 A10 games 56 0

A10 games

Play a10 games online at a10.link. come in and play only the best online a10 games, juegos a10 now. A10.link has awesome free online games for you


646 World of Warcroft 1 0

World of Warcroft

Best wotlk blizzlike pvp server All spells work, battlegrounds are perfect We have Tournaments for Winners in the arena and Battlegrounds between the horde and alliance first 100 to join receive a weapon of your their choice there is starting pvp gear Com


647 Arcowar :: Massively Multiplayer Online ... 2 0

Arcowar :: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Arcowar is a FREE Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Players can choose one of six races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Rogues and Guardians. Build powerful armies, recruit friends as officers by your unique link, buy weapons, plus spy and at


648 Enjoy inexpensive Fifa 14 Coins on the l... 4 0

Enjoy inexpensive Fifa 14 Coins on the legal site-mmo4pal.com

If you have FIFA 14 ultimate team and are struggling to get the best players in your team,please feel free to buy some cheap Fifa 14 Coins on mmo4pal.com.We promise you can always get Fifa Coins at low price instant delivery!


649 Twilight MU Season 6 1 0

Twilight MU Season 6

Twilight MU Season 64000 SPARE POINTS TO START WITH! | CUSTOM ITEMS | Long Term Since May 2006 | No DB Wipes | 24/7 Online On Dedicated Server 1Gbps Connection | Unique Tokens & Box System | Friendly Community | Fast Online Support On Forum | Jo


651 Allstarz-Tournament 2.4.3 6 0

Allstarz-Tournament 2.4.3

2.4.3 Burning Crusade PvP/PvE Realm | Instant level 70 | Startgear: Season3/Tier 5 | Instant 70 | 100% Fixxed Core | 0 Buffs | 100% working instances (black temple,mount hyjal,sunwell plateau),Specials : Transmog NPC,Arena Spectator,Teleporter NPC,Open Pv


652 Cleft of Shadow 4 0

Cleft of Shadow

Deutscher 3.3.5a Server. Einen Instant 80er Char inkl. allem was Ihr zum starten braucht, XP Rates: 2x und am We: 4x, Engagiertes Team, Startitems während dem Leveln, eigenes Questgebiet, eigenes Farmgebiet, 1v1 Arena, Arenawatcher, eigene Bosse, eigenes


653 Element v2 - innovation in mind 2 0

Element v2 - innovation in mind

[Version 5839][New Maps][Jiang Hu][Skill souls][Perfect Chi][Assassins][Reincarnation][Sub-Classes][Flowers][Constantly updated][Competent and considerate owners][Nearly bug free][EU Host][Join and feel the difference]


654 MU Perú eX7 Plus [Exp: 5x | Drop: 30% | ... 2 0

MU Perú eX7 Plus [Exp: 5x | Drop: 30% | No Reset]

MU Perú http://www.muonline.pe es el renacimiento de una comunidad de antiguos jugadores de Mu Online sin resets. Ofrecemos un servicio rápido, eficaz y confiable que enriquecerán tu experiencia de juego. Información Básica: + Web: [url]http://www.m


655 DragonFire Pandaria 5.1.0 3 0

DragonFire Pandaria 5.1.0

The best Mists of Pandaria 5.1.0 private server. It is supported by professinal developers, who ensure that the realms are lag and bug free. The engine used in this server is one of a kind, and gives players the opportunity to feel the excitement.


656 PW Addicting Network 5 0

PW Addicting Network

New Patch Sirens of War Expansion, , new daily quest system offering pve and pvp, new attack and defense level stones. Server Rates: Experience x1500 Skill Point x1000 Drop Rate x500 Gold x2000 Prestige/Influence x500


657 Guldan WoW Privatserver 3.3.5a Blizzlike (x1) 7 0

Guldan WoW Privatserver 3.3.5a Blizzlike (x1)

NEU Blizzlike (Raten 1x) WOTLK Privat Server! Schneller Support. Chartrans von bis zu 3x Raten. Nette Gamemaster. 24/7 Onlinezeit! Schnelle Bugfixes! Werdet ein Teil von Guldan!!!


658 Roguard Online 10 0

Roguard Online

(Low Ep13.2 preRenewal) 8/8/2 - (Classic Ep9.0 noAdv) 1/1/1 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - EU-Hosted - No Wipes - Kamishi-Colorpack - Custom Warp Quest - Vote for Points - Client/Server-Protection - DDos-Protection - Live Support - Automated Events - Real Cu


659 arcania MoP 5.1.0 2 0

arcania MoP 5.1.0

Arcania Mists of pandaria Private server 5.1.0 !


660 Draenor-Servers 5 0


MoP | Patch 5.0.5 | 1-15x XP | High Quality | Dedicated Staff | MaxLevel 90 | Monk | Pandaren | Scripted Dungeons | Scripted Raids | Working Battlegrounds | Unique Donation System | Strong Servers


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