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481 Khaeros: The Fourth Age 6 0

Khaeros: The Fourth Age

Khaeros is one of the longest running hardcore roleplaying shards. We have unique systems, maps, lore, and a great community. If you thought roleplaying in UO had disappeared, prepare to be proven wrong!

482 PartyLife MUO 97p+ 6 0

PartyLife MUO 97p+

Experience: 450 Drop: 80% First reset 299 Level More info web site:

483 ATN-Reloaded 7 0


Deutscher WoW Server 3.3.5, Instant 80, PvP Realm, Start T8.5 / S7, 19er PvP, 99% Bugfixed, Nette GMs, lagfrei , Arsenal, Vmaps

484 B-Zone WoW 3.3.5a - Progressive Midrate 3 0

B-Zone WoW 3.3.5a - Progressive Midrate

Progressive Midrate 335a, 1 Realm 1x-20x Rate, No Lag, All spells/abilities works, Most Content Full Scripted, BGs/Arenas/Wintergrasp Fully Working, Staff 24/7, Updates every week, Hosted on a Dedicated Server, Internet Connection 1GB/s, Join Now

485 Instinct Ragnarok Online 7 0

Instinct Ragnarok Online

Servidor full RenewalRates 500x/500x/500x dedicado a full woe

486 SfiLmi.oVo.bG - Гледай онлайн любимия си филм от нашият сайт 5 0

SfiLmi.oVo.bG - Гледай онлайн любимия си филм от нашият сайт

Тук са Най новите филми безплатно онлайн филми с най-доброто качество за интернет.Гледай онлайн любимия си филм от нашият сайт,гледай безплатно онлайн телевизия,слушай онлайн радио.Ако ти хареса "Подкрепи ни"

487 Friv Hot 9 0

Friv Hot

play friv hot games at

488 6 0

Come play at WoB (World Of Blizzard) a no cd-key needed Diablo 2 Private server !

489 Gangsterhood 14 0


Gangsterhood is an online mafia game during the golden age of the mafia in the early 1930’s. Only the most evil human beings will survive in this tough world where your enemies can strike at any moment. Make this your world!

490 UltraMir2.3 9 0


UltraMir is a customized game,with loads of new features and content,equally fair to everyone of it's players,Main Town: Resting Place,is amazing for Buying & Selling Items, or just want a gossip?thats you're place!Pet Resting:You can buy gamble pets with

491 UO Ascension 7 0

UO Ascension

Sculpt your own realities. Discover a world you've always been a part of, but never knew existed. Forge your destiny through a unique crafting system, competitive PvP, and completely original PvE. We're waiting for you..

493 Lineage 2 Georgian Official Server 3 0

Lineage 2 Georgian Official Server

High Five (Hi5) x12. Georgian Official Server !

494 MMOReactor - WoW Emulation Forum 7 0

MMOReactor - WoW Emulation Forum

This is mainly a WoW Emulation Forum, and Graphic forum however we have offtopic chats as well. You can advertise your WoW Private Server, recruit staff, ask for help, discuss graphic design, offtopic here! Make sure to check out the forum and learn more

496 Mafia gangs 6 0

Mafia gangs

Mafia gangs is one of the best games on the browser where you are mafia gang to join and start wars and control of the cities Join us now at

497 cryzer-bg Гласувайте за нас 5 0

cryzer-bg Гласувайте за нас

моля гласувайте за нас всеки важ глас помага за развитието на cryzer-bg

498 DragonGate[Silkroad] 9 0


Welcome Back::::Server Information : Cap 120Pvp Start With 1k Silk and 1b GoldMagic Pop WorkArena WorkEvent Uniqe H@SEvent PvPFree PvP Rules :Free PvP cannot be used in safe zones such as towns.Free PvP is available from chara

499 Conquer 2 Online private server 5 0

Conquer 2 Online private server

Conquer 2 Online fully working private server. Big community, proffessional server, online 24/7, lag free. Join the community today. Apply for GM today.

500 Brasil Hard Night RPG 10 0

Brasil Hard Night RPG

BHN RPG Servidor brasileiro de San Andreas MultiPlayer Vagas de Lider, Helper IP:

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