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101 Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA 9 2

Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA

ML/SA Custom server. 10+ years.Adventurers dream and Crafters paradise.Custom quests/creatures/crafts/pets.No UBER. 250 Stats/900 Skills[940 w/Vet Rewards]OPEN ACCOUNT CREATION! Tons of unique additions!


103 L2ONLINE 8 1


LINEAGE2 ONLINE REBORN NO CUSTOM INTERLUDE PRIVATE SERVER (SERVER INFO) Main town of kamael Max lvl 85 -------------------------------- # Normal Rates- -------------------------------- RateXp = 1000 RateSp = 1000 RatePartyXp = 1.5 RatePartySp


105 UnitWars  Season 6 Episode 3 19 1

UnitWars Season 6 Episode 3

Server Info: Season 6 Episode 3 + Custom Exp: Dynamic X7000 More info http://unitwars.com/


106 CultMu - new muonline server - beta 12 1

CultMu - new muonline server - beta

We invite you to join beta tests a new server MU online - CultMU. Help us create such a good server like cult is MU Online! Beta till June, so pray for this MU, pray for CultMU!


107 HeroWarZone 13 1


Choose your side - as a Hero or as a Villain and fight the Epic War!


108 Ice-WoW 14 1


Ice-WoW - Wir bieten euch einen deutschsprachigen Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 Server und ein erfahrenes Team (sowohl im Support als auch im Development). Zudem verfügen wir über einen aktiven Support und stellen regelmäßig Bugfixes bereit. Unser Ziel ist es e


109 Dekaron P Server 20 1

Dekaron P Server

12Clases/exp x700/drop x600/Max lvl 200/Skills 170,180/ Sistema Mavric-Argates/Coliseum/Dk Square/Roral Battle/ Siege Battle/Deaf Front/set y weapons 180/Unete ahora


110 Grand Chase Private Servers 23 1

Grand Chase Private Servers

[Pserver season3] [Many Customs] [All Rates: 750x] [Alliance System] [FRIENDLY COMMUNITY ] [[No Downtime - 24/7 Online] [NO LAGGING]


112 Producers and Traders 11 1

Producers and Traders

Come in the world of Producers and Traders and become your own boss. This game is all about: Building Build your own empire out of many different buildings. What do you want to do? Stock farming? Agriculture?


113 U3G | Infernus 16 1

U3G | Infernus

Servidor español totalmente personalizado con modo de juego Role Play, Deatch Mach, Zombies y Free Roam. Únete a nuestra gran comunidad y entra en nuestro servidor online! Comienza tú eventura y daros a conocer en infernus!


114 [CS] Server Ilimy 12 1

[CS] Server Ilimy

IP: - Servidor del Counter Strike 1.6 español para jugadores tanto Steams como para No-Steams, abierto 24/7 y con modo clásico. Visita nuestra gran comunidad y disfrute con nosotros dentro del servidor!


115 MAFIA TURF 9 1


MafiaTurf is a FREE web based massive multiplayer online game. You wanna be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone, and the rest, join up, and fight for your TURF!


117 EnigmaUO: First Dawn 8 1

EnigmaUO: First Dawn

The first & only 1996 pre-alpha shard. Come experience the ultimate retro era of Ultima Online. This opportunity is now available for the first time since 1996. We provide our very own launcher & client, joining couldnt be more simple.


118 Deadly-City 11 1


Welcome stranger, to the gritty, crime ridden world of Deadly city, the action packed online Role Playing Game (RPG). Start out as a nobody, struggling to make ends meet on streets who eventually work their way up the food chain one crime at a time. The m


120 Dark Crusaders 8 1

Dark Crusaders

Unique SE/ML shard with PvP and PvM. Skill gates & starting armor, guildtowns, casino, arenas, custom creatures & items, Kid Zone. Skills work up to 135 w/ps & 350 stat cap, 1 acc/ip & 3 houses. More added all the time. Where the Darkness may engulf you.


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