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1 Free MMORPG Gold 122 13082

Free MMORPG Gold

Check us out! Fun Site where you can earn FREE ingame currency for your favorite online games! NO MONEY involved, fun points only! All the big mmorpgs included, if you miss your game just ask!

2 9999999999999999x OpenMu 9999999999999x 810 7870

9999999999999999x OpenMu 9999999999999x

SEASON 3 Ep1 / Exp 999999999 / BOX+1+2+3+4+5,6 IN SHOPS / Never restarted / 24/7 / WINGS 1,2,3,4_ALL JEWELS IN SHOPS / IN SHOP FO ITEMS / FREE CREDITS FOR ALL / MAX LVL 1000 / PPL 25/30 / 4LVL WINGS /NO-LAG / SUPER MAXIMAL SERVER COME AND PLAY

3 Play Free Online Action Games 276 2874

Play Free Online Action Games

Play Free Online Action Games, Action Games and more at

4 MafiaCrime 84 1810


A free fun web based Mafia Crime game. As a Mobster your aim is to work your way to the top, whether by yourself or with the help of your gang. Attack and mug people to gain more money and respect, gamble, deal in weapons and armour. Be a true mobster!

5 The Reincarnation 198 1678

The Reincarnation

A massive multiplayer online game that you can play for free. In this game you take up the role of an ancient mage, guiding your fantasy kingdom with the power of your magic, the strength of your armies and your talent of managing your land.

6 Mu Fury - Season 4 105 1658

Mu Fury - Season 4

Bugless Season 4 Exp 4000, Drop 80%, Unique features, WebShop, Market, Vote Reward, Custom stuff

7 MafiaMatrix 1241 1119


Rise above the law, or become the law! Become Gangster, Cop or even a Judge and rise to the highest rank in a number of careers in your search for ultimate power and control over crime and corruption.

8 999999x InsertMu First Season9 FULL 9999... 138 1073

999999x InsertMu First Season9 FULL 999999x

InsertMU Bugless Season 9 FULL!!, 999999xp, MAXX Drop,NEW Items,Events,Features, Balanced PVP, Castle Siege, VoteReward System, Active GMs, All Boxs In Shops, Free Items, Free credits - Come and try!

9 55 1054

Think you have what it takes to be the strongest inmate in this Prison? think again! These Inmates are the baddest ill tempered mofos around. Inmates took control and there are strong gang forces brewing. So are you a JailBitch or a JailLord?

10 YobCity 65 969


Yob city is a brand new mmorpg game released the 15th of December! We are a game built by the community for the community! We aim to give each and every user a unique experience in this popular game type!

11 Mafia Vengeance 184 870

Mafia Vengeance

Welcome to the world of Mafia Vengeance! Where the streets are unforgiving and full of mobsters waiting to take you out with a variety of weapons from rocks to RPGs. Are you ready to fight for your gang, or will you go solo taking out anyone you feel lik

12 MafiaThug 70 869


A True Old School Mafia Game Kill Steal Mug your way to the top, One of the very few old school mafia games, Very Easy to play and become a top player very easy, Missions with big payouts and a very friendly community, Have you got what it takes?

13 Seduction City 66 763

Seduction City

Seduction City .NET is a sexually themed online Role Playing Game (RPG). This Browser War Game is designed for adults and offers you a sassy, sometimes smoldering atmosphere. Join today for free and explore your Seductive Side!

14 Laenalith-WoW 3.3.5a & 434 Blizzlike 3x 109 661

Laenalith-WoW 3.3.5a & 434 Blizzlike 3x

Euer alter WoW Privat Server ist langweilig und funktioniert nicht so, wie er sollte? Ihr habt Lust auf etwas Neues und auf einen Server, bei dem alles 100% Blizzlike funktioniert? Ihr habt keine Lust komplett alles neu zu erspielen? Dann bieten wir eu

15 Bulfleet 84 658


Bulfleet - New Space Strategy Game! Create Your Own Space SAGA! FREE

16 Rocking Rackets - Tennis Manager 65 646

Rocking Rackets - Tennis Manager

Rocking Rackets is a tennis manager game excelling with realism and easy, fun gameplay. An excellent place to learn more about the rules of the professional tennis circuit (including the 2009 ATP makeover) or just to compete with your friends.

17 Sapphire MU - Ex803 - Season 8 - 99999X 85 564

Sapphire MU - Ex803 - Season 8 - 99999X

Opening 15/05/2016 - Season 8 Part 3. EXP: 999999x, Drop: 99% MAX STATS: 32000, Active GM, Auto reconnect system, Castle Siege, Vote reward, Balanced PVP, Daily events, Multi warehouse system, No lag, Anti-Cheat, Dedicated server. Join us now!

18 Rule the Seas 54 550

Rule the Seas

Kill, steal, mug. Become a Pirate and rule the seas.

19 Immortal Day - Vampire MPOG 98 536

Immortal Day - Vampire MPOG

Immortal Day is a vampire browser based game that is full of action, no matter how much experience you have. Take on the role of a variety of species, ensuring that you have the powers you need to beat each level and come out a winner in the end.

20 MaxWoW • 3.3.5 79 518

MaxWoW • 3.3.5

Deutscher WoW Server | NPC-Bots | 1 - 20x Rates | Erster Charakter Level 80 | 30% + Laufgeschwindigkeit | Transmogrifikation | Cross-Faction PVE / PVP | Funktionierender Content (Blizzlike) | Alles auf Deutsch | Viele einzigartigen Features.

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